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adityakarnam.grao@gmail.com | +1- 314 - 696 - 4520 | github.com/adityak74 | linkedin.com/in/adityakarnamgrao


  • A versatile and innovative software professional with Master’s in Data Science offering strong work experience in Software Development, Solutions Architecture and Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Over 4+ years of software development and project management experience with strong entrepreneurial background and open-source contributions.
  • Adept at directing technical projects from start to end, preparing and executing strategic plans and control structures for projects, and ensuring successful completion within time and budget.
  • Solid history of success in managing the full life cycle of software development processes, including requirement engineering, design, coding, testing, debugging, and maintenance.


Zefr Inc

Software Engineer, 01/2022 - Present

  • Working as a platform engineer for Activation Engine that processes millions of ad impressions daily.
  • Working languages/technologies include Python, Scala, Elasticsearch, Kafka, SQL, Shell script, Docker, GIT, etc. AWS: ECS, EC2, Firehose, S3, Lambda, Redshift, Postgres, CloudWatch, etc.
  • Develop, optimize, deploy and maintain inventory availability endpoint of digital property
  • Use Launch Darkly feature flag to control filters for Elasticsearch queries in different deployment environments
  • Listening, processing data, and publishing to various Kafka topics for internal message service and pipelines

ePlata LLC

Digital Systems Architect, 05/2021 – 01/2022

  • Working on building a NFT platform on Cardano on Plutus Smart Contracts.
  • Led and architected the KYC Remittance API ground up to provide a remittance interface integrating Western Union API. Stack: ExpressJS, GraphQL, TypeScript.
  • Spearhead software engineering project for IPC-V (Philippines). Stack: React.JS, TypeScript, GraphQL, Docker, and Solidity, generated $3M in transaction volume in 2021.
  • Lead complete full-stack development and deployment for over eight white label clients utilizing Agile SDLC.

Full Stack Software Engineer, 02/2020 – 05/2021

  • Assisted in migrating from AWS EC2 to ECS to optimize on server utilizations and reduce operating costs.
  • Mentored interns to generate API testing templates for GraphQL based APIs.
  • Rearchitected and analyzed app logger service to support multiple logging service transport for Sentry, Logzio and obfuscated sensitive data from logging services.
  • Spearheaded and architected API from ground up on ExpressJS to consume and produce JSON responses for third party remittance service. Written unit and integration tests utilizing mocha and chai.

Software Engineer, 6/2018 – 01 /2020

  • Enhanced wallet security by integrating Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit to employ a real-time Payment Fraud System by optimizing a Categorical analyzer and outlier detector.
  • Implemented AWS Codebuild configuration for managed integration service to build and package application on Webpack and Terraform. Achieved 75% reduction in build time employing concurrent batch builds.
  • Devised a native contacts integration and caching plugin for Android and iOS. Stack: Typescript, Kotlin and Swift. Documented and open-sourced plugin. Developed interface employing ReactJS and Cordova to support hybrid applications. Application loading time improved by 60%.
  • Built continuous integration and delivery pipeline for core wallet and web application using Docker, Jenkins, CircleCI, AWS S3, AWS CodeDeploy. Migrated to CircleCI 2.0. Written regression and application tests in jest, mocha, chai and selenium.


CTO/Co-Founder, 01/2014 – 08/2016

  • Co-Founded a SaaS platform to provide a digital solution to all aspects of organizing a college festival including registrations, sale of merchandise and book-keeping.
  • Created platform for 10+ universities as SaaS product with 200K users, 1K event data, and one million API requests.
  • Managed payments of over $25K off and on platform, including online and offline payments.
  • Led a team of 10 developers in designing high-level and advanced event ticketing system.


  • UNIVERSITY OF CUMBERLANDS, Williamsburg, KY Master’s Degree in Global Business Blockchain Technology , expected in 12/2022, GPA: 3.6

  • UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, St. Louis, MO Master’s Degree in Computer Science (Data Science) , 05/2018, GPA: 3.7

  • VIT UNIVERSITY, Chennai, India Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering , 05/2016, GPA: 3.6


  • Programming: Smart Contracts, Ethereum (Solidity), JavaScript (ES6+), TypeScript, Java, HTML5, CSS, SASS/SCSS, Python 2/3, JSON, SQL, C++, C#, Java, Go (Golang), YAML, Lua, RegEx, Shell, .Net, Vagrant, Full Stack, Back-end, PHP, Visual Basic, Ruby, Front-end, AngularJS

  • Frameworks: Brownie, Blockchain, Hyperledger, GCP, AWS, Lambda, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, Firebase, Node.js, npm, React, Babel, Material UI, Webpack, Lerna. Mocha, Jest, GraphQL, Rails, Express, jQuery, Lodash, OpenGL, Moai, CodeIgniter, WordPress, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, Terraform, Android Studio, XCode, APIs

  • Databases: MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Server (MSSQL), SQLite, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, Kafka


CryptoViz - Cryptocurrency Visualizer, https://github.com/adityak74/cryptoviz

  • Implemented a simple crypto coin’s ticker data collector and resource API with high concurrency availability.
  • Stack: NodeJS, Express, MySQL., Docker, Docker Compose, GitHub Actions for CI/CD.

Newfields – Immigration Information Management, https://github.com/adityak74/newfields-app

  • Developed a web application to register client information for management of VISA and other immigration related services.
  • Implemented and transformed HTML data into a PDF based hand written application for regulatory purposes.
  • Stack: NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Ant Design, GraphQL, Apollo, Docker, Docker Compose, GitHub Actions, AWS EC

Medium Unblocker - https://github.com/adityak74/mediumUnblocker

  • Wrote a plugin to clear cookie-based sign-up blocker for medium based articles.
  • Chrome Plugin - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/bbkjfcomhiademhhopcammgdlehblkgn

Android Bundletool - https://github.com/adityak74/android-bundletool

  • Wrapped a fully self-contained android bundletool module to provide a JavaScript interface.
  • Npm: https://www.npmjs.com/package/android-bundletool
Written on June 13, 2022